Saturday, August 10, 2013

Miss Taylor' Personal Recital

Miss Taylor gave her first personal recital last evening.  Her recital was a celebration of her completion of her Primer Level Books.  She performed songs from her Primer Level Books AND her Level 1 Books.

Miss Taylor created a two page program of the songs she performed.  Prior to the start of the recital, Taylor's mother asked me if we should announce the name of each song and how the recital should proceed.  Taylor excitedly informed all of us that she already had it all planned and she announced the name of each song before she played it for us.  She also gave us a ten minute intermission so that we could eat and chat.  Taylor's parents captured all of the event on video and still photos.  Taylor did a fantastic job playing all 18 different songs.  Her parents prepared many delicious appetizers and drinks.  After the recital's grand finale, everyone enjoyed ice cream bon bons!

In attendance were Taylor's current nanny, her very first nanny, parents, little brother, 10 week old puppy, myself and her grandmother, who joined via Skype.  She received roses from both of her nannies.  You can see some of the gorgeous roses in the first photo below.

Taylor recently had her ears pierced and she was able to take out her starter earrings to wear special earrings for the recital.  The special earrings coordinated perfectly with her special recital outfit and necklace.  She even had her hair braided in a fancy up do that I can't even begin to figure out how to do!

Miss Taylor seemed to have a terrific time at the recital.  She did a wonderful job preparing for the event.

Taylor works extremely hard at the piano but makes it look so very easy!  Taylor enjoys working ahead of her weekly assignments and challenging herself.

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