Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Updated piano studio photos

Hello all!
Above are the most current photos of the Piano Rooms.  The last photo was taken yesterday just before my 2nd & 5th graders went off to their first day at their new school.
I will post photos again after the piano practice room wall paper is removed, and both rooms are painted.  (I am currently gathering estimates.)  Both rooms will receive area rugs and new window coverings.  Now that my children are in school - hopefully I will have a chance to do a little more shopping for the house without the "help" of my kids!  :)
I hope that your family has a terrific back to school season!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Photos of the new piano studio

Front of our new home, the piano rooms are on the left side as you enter the front door!
 Piano practice / lesson / parent waiting room
 Another view of practice room
 Grand piano / performance preparation room
Another view of the performance preparation room which is next to the lesson room.  Yes, that is Berlin who is behind the french door!  He is not allowed in these room!  OOPS!

Photos with pianos & furniture in them to follow.

Photos of the rest of our home on are on my personal Facebook Page.

I post more frequently on my personal Facebook Page & the Note-worthy Experiences Facebook Page - feel free to check them out!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Where have you been?


This post is long overdue.

I could use the excuse that I have been "busy", but then again "busy" is a bit overused and everyone is busy these days!

I won't bore you with the details of my "busy" life the past few months.  However, I will give you a quick update and will follow with photos within the next 2 weeks -I PROMISE!

My husband's career has taken our family's adventure down a new path.  A bittersweet path...
          - We sold our home in Pennsylvania in just a few days. 
          - We had many going away parties that were a ton of fun and we received many generous gifts that we are VERY grateful for.
          - My husband traveled for business while our kids, pets and myself spent 6 weeks in Ohio with our families.  Our days were filled with many day trips with our family.
          - We moved into our new home in Massachusetts 2 1/2 weeks ago.
          - We purchased a gently used Yamaha 6'5 C-3 Conservatory Grand Piano which will be delivered next week.
          - My Grandmother, Mary Ellen passed away and we returned to Ohio to be with my family.
          - I intend to start teaching lessons this week in person and via Skype.
          - My e-mail and cell phone are the same as before.  If you would like to contact me via my home telephone number and or mailing address, please contact me.  I will be sending out change of address cards within the next few weeks.
          - You may follow us on Facebook at

I have enjoyed the updates from all of you!  I vow to do a better job updating all of you on Note-worthy Experiences now that there are less boxes in my path!

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!