Sunday, February 28, 2010

Play A Thon Awards

Drum Roll Please.........................

Congratulations to Miss Fayth for being the Note-worthy Experiences Student who raised the most money for the 2010 Play A Thon! Ms. Renee will award Miss Fayth a $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble! At the time, the winners of the actual Play A Thon (student who raised the most money) have not been announced. I will keep my fingers crossed for Miss Fayth because I believe she is in the top 5! If she is a winner of the entire Play A Thon, she will win a $100 mall gift card! Good luck Miss Fayth! HOORAY!

Congratulations to Miss Ellie & Mister Grant for winning the drawing for a free piano tuning by John Zeiner Pianos! YIPPEE!

2010 Play A Thon

Congratulations to the Note-worthy Experiences Students who did a terrific job performing at the 2010 Lehigh Valley Music Teacher Associations Hannah Young Play A Thon at our local mall!
Congratulations to Miss April, Miss Jaime W. with Special Guest Ms. Kateri, Mister Trevor, Miss Jaime M., Miss Ilene, Miss Alison, Miss Danielle, Miss Ericka, Miss Emily, Mister Cristofero, Mister Vincent, Mister Antoino, Miss Fayth, Miss Emiliana, Miss Jacklyn, Miss Kendall, Mister Matthew, Miss Ellen, Mister Grant, Mister Jonathan, Miss Elizabeth, Miss Morgan B., and Miss Lailany!
Each of the students performed multiple songs & collected donations for the Music Teacher's Associations Music Scholarship Funds.
Photographed above is Mister Grant & Miss Ellen performing on the Steinway Piano in Center Court!
Thank you to all of the performers, chauffeurs, donors & audience members!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Miss Mackenzie

CONGRATULATIONS to Miss Mackenzie for completing her set of Piano Adventures Level 1 books! She has already started her Level 2 books! WAY TO GO! Miss Mackenzie also enjoys ski club when she is not playing piano with her younger sister, brother & Grandma!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Miss Julie

Congratulations to Miss Julie for completing her Piano Adventures Level 1 "Red" Books last evening! Miss Julie is already working hard in her Level 2 books! Julie also enjoys dance classes, and ski club! Miss Julie has participated in two Winter Recitals, one Play A Thon & several nursing home recitals. Way to go Miss Julie!

Good luck!

Good luck to Miss Julie, Miss Kendall, Miss Alison and their friends as they perform in their school talent show this week! Best wishes!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Thank you to Miss Sofia for the donation of adorable Easter / Spring Stickers and empty soda bottles!

Thank you to Miss Sophia for the donation of empty soda bottles & pipe cleaners!

Thank you to Miss Emily for the donation of empty paper towel rolls!

Thank you to everyone who has been collecting items for the Home School Enrichment Program crafts I will be making at the library in a few weeks!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Good grades!

Congratulations to Miss Lailany for earning First Honors in her Sixth Grade Class! Hooray!

A round of applause goes to Mister Antonio for earning First Honors in his Seventh Grade Class! Way to go!

Congratulations to ALL of our piano students who earned terrific grades on their recent report cards! Please don't forget to enter your names in my Good Grades Jar (if your report card reflects grades that are all A's & B's or the equivalent there of!) so you have another chance to earn a gift card at our Winter Recital!

Knowledge is power! Academics & the fine arts are important in becoming a well rounded person!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Miss Lailany

Please join me in a huge round of applause for Miss Lailany! She completed her Piano Adventures Primer Level Series this evening! She has already started working on her level 1 series! Miss Lailany performed in our Annual Winter Recital & our nursing home recital in December. She is preparing to perform at the Play A Thon at our local mall at the end of the month. Miss Lailany also enjoys playing the flute & volleyball! Congratulations!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Miss Danielle

Hooray for Miss Danielle! She completed her Piano Adventures Primer Level Series! She has already started working in her Level 1 Red Books! When Danielle is not playing piano, she enjoys playing with her American Girl Dolls. Danielle is preparing to perform at the Play A Thon at our local mall at the end of the month! Good luck Miss Danielle!

Mister Gabriel

Congratulations to Mister Gabriel for completing his Piano Adventures Level 1 Series. Gabe has already started working on his Level 2 (Blue Books)! Gabe really enjoys playing songs by The Beatles on the piano! When Gabe is not playing piano, he enjoys football, basketball, baseball and video games! Hooray for Gabe!