Saturday, August 3, 2013

Miss Rachel's Personal Recital

Today was a very big day!  I attended my first personal recital that one of my students, Miss Rachel, conducted in her home.  Also in attendance were Rachel's parents, sister, friends and her friends' mothers.  It was a beautiful sunny afternoon!

Upon their arrival, everyone signed in.  The easel was decorated with Rachel's certificate, photos and a welcome sign.  The room was decorated in black and white decorations as well as musical notes.  Rachel's biography was prominently placed on the table.  (I even learned new things about Rachel from this biography!)  All guests were given a lovely printed program (which is my souvenir).  Rachel's father gave a lovely introduction and welcome speech.  Rachel performed seven of her favorite songs from her Primer Level Books and her closing piece was from a Level 1 Book.  She did a fantastic job playing!  Rachel's mother captured all of this on video.  Following the performance, Rachel served her guests fresh fruit and cupcakes that were decorated with chocolate musical symbols.

Rachel smiles during her entire lesson every week.  I have honestly never seen her without her beautiful smile.  I think it was an even bigger and prouder smile today!

After the recital, Rachel told me she is looking forward to her second personal recital.  We talked about some other fun ideas for the next celebration!

Miss Rachel put together a fantastic event!  I am thrilled that I was able to be a part of it! 

I am honored that each week students and their families come into MY home to learn about the piano with me.  I consider all of my students and their families a part of my extended family.  Today was a unique experience in that I was privileged enough to enter into the home of a piano family and join in a very special celebration.

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  1. That is fantastic! What a great idea. You must be one proud teacher.


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