Sunday, January 13, 2013

Upcoming Nursing Home Recital


For those of you who have been following our studio over the years, you already know that I love to have our students perform on the piano at nursing homes.  Well, our move to New England has changed many things about our lives but it has not how I feel about nursing home piano recitals!  

I strongly believe that playing the piano for nursing home residents is therapeutic for the residents.  It is an inter-generational activity that is enjoyed by all!  It is a great opportunity for younger students to be exposed to nursing home settings.  It is a fantastic chance for pianists to understand how playing the piano for others can be philanthropic.  It is a great way for the elderly residents to help the piano students by giving them the chance to practice performing in front of others!  The residents are always so very complimentary and kind.  It is truly a confidence booster for the students.

So, my own Grant & Ellie are practicing their pieces for our 1st nursing home recital in Sudbury! Grant & I are working on a duet!  Our duet is called "Building a Snow Fort".  Stay tuned!

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