Thursday, January 17, 2013

A modern day piano studio

I don't know about you - but this does not look like a piano studio that I took lessons in as a kid...

Santa delivered this microphone to my house this year!  I am going to use this for Skype lessons.  I also hope to use it to record our students' recital work to create CDs.  Stay tuned!

We just purchased these speakers for recording the CDs and Skype lessons.

We use the I pad during lessons for the fun metronome apps, piano apps / games, YouTube videos, and  finding digital sheet music.


  1. Everything looks wonderful. How fun is that microphone? It's so vintage looking compared to the other modern devices there.

    1. It is an eclectic look in there! Vintage & modern! Oh well! I just try to focus on "The Mary Poppins-like" atmosphere. ;). You know that if my students are relaxed and enjoying themselves the opportunities for teachable moments and learning are simply endless!


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