Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year = New Piano Resolutions

A new year means new resolutions for many people.  How are you doing with your new year's resolutions?  Do you need help with keeping your resolutions that involve piano?  So far, so good here!  But then again it is easy for me because I am blessed with a piano studio full of fantastic students. 

I am working on goal setting with our students.  It is really a lot of fun, especially since I get to explain what a goal is to some students, then talk about why it is important to set goals and create action plans on how we will accomplish these goals.  Of course some students think a goal is when you score in a soccer game.  I love it - it is a great analogy to use!  A new year resolution is just like trying to score a "goal" in a soccer game to win the game.  Soccer players need to practice and do a few drills before the big soccer game.  Our piano players are just like soccer players - we need to practice and do a few drills before the big recitals, festivals and competitions too!  Our recitals are just like our soccer games.  It is just that we can practice inside when it is raining outside.  ;)

Good luck to you with your new goals!

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