Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow day in New England

It is a beautiful snowy day in New England!  We are anxiously awaiting a potentially historical storm. 

A few days of being stuck inside could be challenging for some families.  However, I have a recommendation that can ease the stress of a big storm.  I have a recommendation on what to do when everyone comes back inside from playing in the snow (or shoveling snow) and everyone needs to warm up.

Are you ready for my big recommendation?

Wait for it...

PRACTICE THE PIANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have a piano - you don't even need electricity!  You can use a candle or lantern to read your music!

I am already excited to hear all about how everyone practiced away and improved over the long snowy weekend!


  1. As you might have guessed, Billy would be grateful our piano is electric. I know he was during superstorm Sandy. Stay cozy up there!

    1. LOL about Billy! I do miss his creativity and rationalizations!


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