Sunday, February 10, 2013

Memoirs from students


We have survived our first major New England Snow Storm!  Nemo found us!  Nemo gave us 25 - 28.5 inches of beautiful, white, fluffy snow!  This storm is listed as the 5th biggest storm in the record books!  The New Englanders all say that this was a "Wicked Good Storm!"

While my family was watching yet another movie, I decided to re organize my student files.  I organized 7 years of forms, signed copies of studio guidelines, written assignments, letters, photos, art work, and cards from the 139 students I have worked with.  Yes, I have saved every single piece of artwork and letter from every student.  It was a very fun trip down memory lane.  I loved comparing the photos and notes from when students first started lessons to when I moved away.  It was astonishing to see the improvements in the hand writing and the goals change. Tom and my kids enjoyed looking at the cards, letters and photos too!
When my family asked how long I was going to keep these files, I responded, "FOREVAH!"  (this is my terrible attempt to spell out the New England accent that I absolutely love hearing!) 

Do you want to know what the most interesting discovery in my trip down memory lane was?
The fact that I do not have any letters, or written goals from my own two children.  I don't even have them on my roster!  OOPS!

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