Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Harry Potter Inspired Music Class

As you can clearly see from the photos above, we had a TERRIFIC time with our Harry Potter Inspired Music Class!  I think that my husband and I had as much fun as our students!  All of our students who are working from Level 1 lesson books or higher were invited to this special one time only group piano class!  Many students arrived in costumes and/ or brought props!  All of the students enjoyed snacks, including Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans & listened to some Harry Potter Soundtracks.  I think that the ear wax & soap flavors were more popular over booger, black pepper, dirt, earthworm, grass, rotten egg, vomit & sausage flavors.  All of the students (also known as Muggles & Half Bloods) watched a documentary on the music and sounds effects of the Harry Potter Movies.  During the documentary, we had paused to have multiple discussions about how important a soundtrack is to a movie, how the music was composed & transposed, etc.  Our Muggles LOVED the interviews with the composers!  Following the documentary, our students were "sorted" into houses for a special project.  Thank you to my friend, Patti, for letting us borrow her Sorting Hat.  Thank you to my friend, Michael, for letting us borrow his cauldron!  Once our students were sorted into houses, we formed alliances and went into the piano studio to study a simple version of "Hedwig's Theme".  Then our houses of Hufflepuff and Gryffindor worked together while Ravenclaw and Slytherin worked together.  Each of the two teams recreated their own version of "Hedwig's Theme" and performed it for the other houses and parents.  As a souvenir of our journey, each student received several Harry Potter silly bands to wear & trade.  So much fun was had by all!  Thank you to all of our students who participated!

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