Thursday, August 11, 2011

Miss Elizabeth

Congratulations to Miss Elizabeth for completing her Level 3A Piano Adventures Series of books last evening.  Miss Elizabeth has already started to work from her Level 3B (Purple) books!  Elizabeth has participated in one Winter Holiday Recital, two Play A Thons, two National Piano Guild Auditions, and multiple nursing home recitals.  She is a gold pin, National Member of the National Piano Guild.  (Which means she performed 9 songs, 9 coordinating scales and 9 sets of coordinating scales from memory and one sight reading piece in front of a National Judge).  Elizabeth has already started to work on her pieces for this year's Winter Holiday Recital.  Elizabeth is a consistent member of the honor roll at her school.  She also plays soccer, runs cross country and is actively involved with the Girl Scouts.  In her free time, she enjoys video games and her dogs.  Hooray for Elizabeth!

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