Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hello all!

I have created a "Dynamic Club" for our piano students!

I want to reward our students who consistently play their music including all of the dynamics, accents, staccatos, legatos, octavas, fermatas, pedaling, etc. in addition to playing the correct notes & rhythms!

I also want to encourage those students who may forget from time to time to become more consistent in playing with all of the added details!

Our students often hear me refer to the notes & rhythms as "the cake" or "the foundation". I will then refer to the dynamics, staccatos, legatos, ritardandos, octavas, fermatas, pedaling, etc. as "the icing" or "the decorations". They certainly can make a good cake better!

So in order for a Note-worthy Experiences Student to become a member of the "Dynamic Club", they must fulfill the following criteria:
- perform their assigned lesson & performance book songs without missing "the icing" for 3 lessons in a row for Ms Renee at the lesson. (This does not include sight reading & performing brand new songs that are going to be assigned for the week.)
- once a student becomes a member, he or she must maintain their status at each lesson. Once a student becomes in eligible, he or she must start over & fulfill the criteria again for 3 lessons in a row.
- ALL students are eligible! Each student is required to perform only the details that are written on their printed music that they have been taught in lessons. For example, a preschooler would not be required to play a song with correct pedaling - however the preschooler would be required to play the song with "piano" or "forte" after it was covered in the lesson.
- Each member will receive a music themed paper to decorate with their name & dates of their accomplishments to hang on the french doors to our piano room.

Good luck!

I hope to see ALL 47 of our students' papers on the doors soon!

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