Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Master Jonathan

Please join me in a huge round of applause for Master Jonathan!  The photos above are my two favorites of a photo shoot with Jonathan disguising his pride and excitement of his recent accomplishment.  Master Jonathan successfully completed his Level 1 Red Piano Adventures Series.  Jonathan's favorite color is red.  "I've Got Music" was his favorite song from the Red Books.  When Jonathan is not busy playing the piano, he enjoys flag football, lacrosse, tennis, playing outside and playing with friends.  Jonathan would like to be a professional pitcher when he is older.

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  1. Awesome, Jonathan!!! So proud of you for completing the Red Piano Adventure Series! Learning to play the piano takes a few years, but it pays off in MAJOR ways. People will be amazed by your ability to play the piano throughout the years, because not that many people are able to play the piano. They give up or never try. But those who continue piano (your cousin Laura took piano lessons for 10 years) will be accomplished pianists and will hold this accomplishment and skill for the rest of their lives. Keep on keepin' on with piano, Jonathan. It'll be so worth it throughout your entire life. - Love, Aunt Liz


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