Saturday, March 28, 2015

Meet Leonardo, Our New Piano Instructor

Please join me in a warm welcome to Mr. Leonardo, our piano instructor who will travel to students' homes for lessons.

There is no grass growing under Leonardo -- a composer, pianist, organist, conductor, vocal coach, author, and father of four young boys.  Though music consumes most of his time, he is also fascinated by the art of cooking, in particular the cuisine of his ancestors, Southern Italian farmers going back many generations. (He shares some of their ancient recipes on his blog, "Pensieri Meridionali.")  Leonardo doesn't like the terms "culture" or "the arts."  For him, "arts" are "the things normal people did before the invention of TV." His ancestors were a case in point: though they couldn't read or write, they sang, played instruments, made wood carvings, built things, and cooked food that today would be considered "gourmet."  

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