Monday, November 3, 2014

Please welcome our Percussion Instructor, Carl

Please join me in a warm welcome to Mister Carl, our Percussion Instructor! 

Carl is a full-time, professional musician (percussionist) who lives in the Boston area.   He has been a percussion and Drum Set educator in the Boston area since he graduated from Berklee College of Music.  Carl has performed in The All State Orchestra (CT) during High School as well as the All New England Orchestra during his first years at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) before transferring and finishing his degree at Berklee.  Carl has worked within various styled groups around Boston including, Rock, Jazz (big band, small combo), Funk, Blues, R&B, and has been a musician in the Pit Band for many well-known musicals.  Some aspiring artists he has worked with include Phil Ayoub, Vanessa Kafka, Zen Carnival.  He is currently the Drummer for Echo.And.Drake, an Indie Rock band which has recently been featured in Paste Magazine as well as American Songwriter.   Carl’s role as a teacher is to create as much of a positive blend of education with an exciting musical environment, incorporating the latest contemporary music while also applying a broad scope of traditional styles (world music), along with exercises and strategies for developing a well-rounded musical experience, and assisting the student become as self-reliant as possible over time.

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