Sunday, September 15, 2013

Nursing Home Recital

Please join me in a huge round of applause to our wonderful students who performed at the local nursing home on Friday evening!  Taylor, Casey, Lexie, Lily, Gracie, Bridget, Lucy, Max, Rachel, Adelyn, Charlie, Grant and Ellie entertained the residents for an hour with their impressive piano playing talents. 

One resident told me after the recital that is the most fun they have all year!  Another resident told me that at their Friday Ice Cream Social earlier that day, our students were the hot topic of conversation because they could not wait for our students to arrive.  One of our students was called an angel by a resident!  Another resident told me that she cannot hear very well, so she enjoys seeing all of the kids all dressed up, especially the girls in their dresses.  A different resident told me that he noticed that some of the students really improved in their abilities since their last recital.  The activity director asked me to set the dates of our next two recitals for the residents before I left.   I enjoyed watching the students play the piano, and discover that they could overcome their fears of performing in front of an audience of over 60 people! 

After the recital, several students and their families gathered at a local frozen yogurt cafe to celebrate.

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  1. I always enjoyed when you did the nursing home recitals here. I miss that so much since you moved. I'm glad to see you're spreading all that joy up there now. Congrats to all those kids. That's big stuff!


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