Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Photos

Many of you have been asking for photos of our new home.  We have been decking the halls and this is what we have put together.  If you look carefully, there are many gifts from many of you in these photos!  Please be sure to check out the new window coverings, piano bench cushion & seat cushion in the piano practice room that I had created!  I LOVE the chenille seat cushion - it is so cozy!  Photos of the outside decor to follow.  I am hoping to take some photos when it is a little darker outside so the lights are a little more visible!

                                     Imagine this plan in the sun room when it is warmer in there!

                                    Imagine a lot more live plants!  I am not a photographer - sorry!
Our 5 year old German Short Haired Pointer, Berlin, is very ill with terminal cancer.  I could not  resist taking a photo of him taking a nap near my Ohio State Wreath!  Our pool table is quickly becoming a train table - so the dog does not know anything over!


  1. Love your new house and all the decorations!

  2. Renee, the pictures are beautiful. Such a gorgeous house. I am so sad to hear about Berlin though.


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