Wednesday, May 4, 2011

83 Songs

83 Songs, yes that is the number of pieces that 18 of our students are preparing to perform from memory in front of a National Piano Guild Judge here at my studio on Wednesday.  This does not include the number of scales and chords that will be performed from memory!  I am proud of each and every one of my students for all that they try and achieve.  I am extremely proud of these 18 students who have opted to take their piano playing to the next level of dedication.  Participating in this event is optional, but does include a lot of work and preparation.  In order for these students to prepare, many of them make other sacrifices.  I am thrilled that these students have made that decision.  I am so happy that several students have been able to state that their piano skills have increased greatly in the past few months while they have been preparing.  No matter what the results are at the end of the day next Wednesday, I will be elated and proud knowing that each of these 18 students worked hard and tried their very best.

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