Thursday, March 24, 2011

This week so far...

Thank you to all 19 of our Monday and Tuesday students for understanding that my Ellen was ill with a terrible stomach bug.  Our cleaning lady was here yesterday morning.  So I think we are in the clear and planning another night of terrific lessons!

Congratulations to our Wednesday students!  Everyone was here and on all time for all of the lessons!  All of the students worked very hard last night and made me VERY proud!  (I think I need jelly beans out all of the time as a motivator!)

Congratulations to all 18 of our students who are preparing to perform in front of the National Piano Guild Judge for getting off to a great start!  All 18 of our students are working away on their songs!  These students put their heart & soul into this.  They work on the same songs for WEEKS and  HOURS each week!  This can be very frustrating for some students, it is truly hard work.  As a father of a student said last night, "No pain, no gain.".  Well the gain in the instance is INCREDIBLE!  So if you know a pianist preparing for this major musical milestone - please keep encouraging them along the way!

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