Sunday, July 26, 2009

The 3rd Annual Note-worthy Experiences Winter Recital

Drum roll please.....

It is official! We have a date & location for our 3rd Annual Note-worthy Experiences Winter Recital! For details, please refer the e-mail newsletter.

For me, preparing for this event is truly a lot of fun! (I guess that is why I start working on it so early!) I love watching the students do their very best on a grand piano in front of their friends and family! I love seeing everyone dressed up in their holiday best! I love watching them accomplish something that they once thought was impossible. I love watching them take their applause's with pride! I love watching them come back to the front to receive their certificates, flowers & gifts with a look of relief on their faces! (Relief that I am not asking them to play their songs ONE MORE TIME!) However, my absolute favorite part of the event is watching the faces of the parents & spouses beam with pride when their student is performing & they are taking all of those photos! That is the priceless part of the event! I know the students can do it! I get to see their excitement at the bench during lessons & rehearsals, but I don't usually see the reactions of the parents & spouses until the recital! I guess it is a lot like those who prefer to watch the groom at a wedding when the bride comes down the aisle!?!

Thank you in advance for making our 2009 Recital simply the best!

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