Tuesday, May 12, 2009

National Nursing Home Week

Thank you to Ilene, Alison, Danielle, Erika, Julie, Danita, Cody, Ellie & Grant!

Thank you to our 9 Note-worthy Experiences Students and their parents who helped the residents of our local nursing home celebrate National Nursing Home Week!

Thank you to the residents & staff for inviting us into your home for a delicious dinner and for being a terrific audience for our recital.

Our recital was a wonderful success! After the recital, so many residents thanked us & told us how much they loved the performers & their performances! Thank you for sharing your musical talents with others!

It was wonderful to see the residents humming and singing along. It was terrific to see the students' proud faces!

As the teacher, I was so proud of our students who had never performed in front of an audience before! I was so proud of our more seasoned students who encouraged their peers. Of course, I love to watch our more seasoned students improve each and every time they perform in front of an audience!

Thank you to the parents who were able to juggle their family schedules to allow our students to join us this evening!

I do not have any photos to post from this event, as we are not allowed to photograph or video graph at the nursing home for the confidentiality of the residents. Thank you for understanding!

I am looking forward to more of our students joining us at the nursing home this fall!

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