Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Play A Thon Winner

Hello pianists & families!
Drum roll please.......................
Our 2009 Note-worthy Experiences Hannah Young Play A Thon Winner with the most pledges raised is the lovely Miss Fayth!
Hooray Fayth!
Fayth won a gift certificate to Twin Rivers Music in Easton from me!
I am proud of all of you who played, raised money, pledged money & supported our pianists. Together we had 16 performers, raised $419 and had a huge crowd gathered around us! I heard a lot of positive comments from people I have never seen before as they were walking by! I love the fact that some people who didn't even know us stopped to watch & listen! There were some rough spots in the process - but at the end of it all, our pianists did a fantastic job & raised money for a worthy charity! We have to give our students a lot of credit for having the courage to perform in a public setting. (I know I was super nervous to play my part in my duet with Grant!)

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